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The cloud has already established itself as the preferred storage location for businesses. Furthermore, the majority of businesses have transferred their apps to cloud platforms, with the remainder aiming to do so in the near future. The flow of user data from front-end clients, across the internet, through the provider’s systems, and back is made easier with cloud services. Cloud services are designed to provide quick, low-cost access to apps and resources without the need for hardware or internal infrastructure. They offer enhanced flexibility and the capacity to scale infrastructure requirements based on business requirements. Utilize the cloud’s capabilities to effectively manage your whole IT infrastructure.


When planning your strategy for moving your organization’s data, applications, and workloads to the cloud, it’s critical to have a trained and experienced team to help with the migration and post-implementation operations. Our experts have extensive experience migrating on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, as well as transferring data between cloud providers.


DevOps reduces downtime caused by IT infrastructure changes while improving the traceability of the software development process. First Digital Group will assist you with implementing DevOps and bringing people, processes, and products together to provide ongoing value to your customers.
Our team will speed up the product delivery process by automating software deployment, installation, and testing.


It can be difficult to migrate your ERP systems to the cloud. Our trained professionals assist companies in moving SAP ERP from on-premises to Azure as quickly as possible.


We developed a highly specialized, fully functional IT staff for our multinational customer in our Delivery Centers, responsible for a wide range of its operations.


Creating automation scripts and integrating custom apps and platform deployment for mobile network operators.

The project’s scope

Ansible software is used to install and integrate programs, as well as to provide automatic test and validation processes.


Project Managers, Integration Engineers, and Integration Leads

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