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The value of software solutions is steadily growing. A firm will flourish and stand out if it combines automation and agility with scalable software maintenance. Business workflows are accelerated by software upgrades and app development.


Our engineers help you with everything from documenting your existing network (IP addressing plans, network diagramming, and communication flows) to network consultation for the deployment of new cloud-based applications, collaborating with client’s external vendors, consulting on various network-related projects, driving the deployment of new LAN/WAN solutions, and preparing LLDs and network diagrams.


Implementing an e-planogram application for e-retailers.
In a secure “as-if” environment, the application allows clients to optimize their product offering arrangement. Importing product data is a fully automated operation.


The project included the automation of repetitive procedures and processes as well as high resource scalability.

The project’s scope

On the customer side, manual and automated testing as well as UA tests are performed.


QA Engineers, Tech Leads, Front-end and Back-end Developers

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