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In every type of IT infrastructure, network infrastructure is critical. IT provides a channel of communication between users and programs. The growing demand for increased network security and improved network accessibility, as well as the need to reduce implementation costs, has resulted in an even bigger demand for managed network services. First Digital Group provides comprehensive network management, administration, and security solutions. Our trained networking professionals assist the world’s largest corporations in architecting, implementing, consolidating, migrating, and building modern network infrastructure.


Our engineers help you with everything from documenting your existing network (IP addressing plans, network diagramming, and communication flows) to network consultation for the deployment of new cloud-based applications, collaborating with client’s external vendors, consulting on various network-related projects, driving the deployment of new LAN/WAN solutions, and preparing LLDs and network diagrams.


Migrate and migrate your current data center without losing data from one operating environment to another. First Digital Group provides services that help you move workloads securely and efficiently using the latest technology on the market.


In data centers, create an environment that provides the SD-WAN solution. Virtual machines were hosted on DWDM concentrators, Cisco routers and switches, Cisco Firepower firewalls, UCS servers, and other supervisory systems.


Within three months, the location was built from the ground up. The project was separated into several waves, each with a different focus.

The project’s scope

Budgeting and capacity planning should be done with care. Creating a solution that meets the needs of the customer. Installing hardware while paying close attention to its unique requirements. Configuring devices in accordance with the most recent vendor-recommended standards. Migration of data between CMO and FMO. Before the project is handed delivered, it must pass final testing.


System engineers, Project Managers, Network Architects, Network Lead Engineers, and Network Architects

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